We Only Use The Best Ingredients


As you’ll have guessed, when it comes to our spuds we do not mess around. Everything begins with the most carefully selected Albert Bartlett potatoes. Grown in the UK by a network of independent farmers, they’re velvety smooth, wrapped in a mouthwateringly crispy skin, and absolutely impossible to resist, fresh from the oven.

Netherend Farm Butter

When rich, creamy butter glides onto the perfect jacket, it’s one of the purest pleasures food has to offer. Our traditionally-churned English butter is sourced from Netherend Farm, Gloucestershire, and made without additives or preservatives. It’s the most deliciously decadent butter you’ve ever tasted.


Once you’ve tasted our delicately-smoked Scottish salmon, hand-prepared by John Ross Jr of Aberdeen, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Slowly cold-smoked in 19th Century brick kilns to ensure the perfect texture, you can see why these master curers have a Royal Appointment. Because the flavour is nothing short of majestic.